In 1985, Ozlem Textile entered the underwear manufacturing and textile industry. Later he opened a wholesale store in Istanbul in 1992 and has become the Yeşildirek’ in these days.
Our company left behind 20 years in the industry, name throughout Turkey, the quality has grown with each passing day and has become a preferred brand name. Our company mainly rising across Turkey and abroad with Donex Adorappl brand France, Germany, Azerbaijan, Moscow, Serbia, Bosnia and exports to many countries, including Herzegovina and Greece.
Manufacturing continued its craving Istanbul Zeytinburnu Underwear experienced staff and producing high quality and hygienic products with the latest technology machine park. All work carried out to take care of human health and the quality of our products in all product companies can easily notice it. Male with women’s and children’s underwear, sleepwear and has been to provide products at a reasonable price is always the aim of our company in an effort to provide better service to you the best of the consumer while offering the finest and best quality to be received by people from all walks of night kind.